Rice Purity Test

Our rice purity test is the survey of 100 questions related to your personal life that decide how pure and innocent you are.

How to take the Rice Purity Test?

Following are three easy steps to take a official rice purity test to test your purity and innocnce level.

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Take a Test

To start the test, you just need to click a button in the test area, then you will see the first 10 questions, there will be 100 questions in total.

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Check positive answers

Explore all the questions of the test and every question to which you are ready to answer positively must be marked with a click. This will affect your final score.

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Get your final score

At the end of the test, you will find out your final score. To understand what this score means, you can use our score table with descriptions.


What is the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is an online quiz designed to measure the level of innocence or purity of a person. The test consists of 100 questions about various topics, including physical relations, alcohol, drugs, and other risky behaviors.

The test is named after Rice University, created in the 1920s. It has been used by colleges and universities across the United States to measure the physical behaviors of their students. In recent years, the test has been accepted worldwide.

Although the Rice Purity Test is not a scientific measure, it can be a fun way for people to learn more about themselves and their friends. It can also be a starting point for discussions about relationships, alcohol, and other sensitive topics.

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what does the rice purity test score mean?

The rice purity test score varies between 0 to 100, i.e., each question has one score, and the unattempted question score is considered 0. According to the test results, the average score is 91, which means that people who take the test are considered to be pretty pure.

However, Some people believe that a higher score indicates a more innocent person. In contrast, others believe that it simply means that the person is less likely to engage in risky behaviors. There is no right or wrong answer, but the Rice Purity Test can be a fun way to learn more about yourself and your friends.

[ 100 to 98 ]

This score indicates that the student is highly pure. They likely have minimal experience with any illicit activities.

[ 97 to 94 ]

This score means that the student is relatively pure but may have some limitations.

[ 93 to 77 ]

A score of 93 to 77 indicates that you are not involved in any physical activities, bad habits, and rule violations.

[ 76 to 45 ]

A score of 76 to 45 means that you have engaged in some level of physical relations activity, but you are still considered to be pretty innocent.

[ 44 to 9 ]

A score of 44 to 9 means that you have considerable experience in physical relations and bad habits.

[ 8 to 0 ]

Finally, a score of 8 to 0 means that you have had involved in lots of physical relations, rule violations, and bad habits.

What Does Rice Purity Test Include?

The Rice Purity Test asks about your romantic relationship, private physical life, Violation of rules, and bad habits. It is used to measure an individual's purity according to your answers.

Romantic Relationship:

It includes questions about your experience with kissing and holding hands.

Physical Life:

The test includes questions about all types of physical questions.

Bad Habits:

It also asks about your experience with drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

Violation of rules:

It consists of questions related to violation of traffic rules, relationship rules, and day-to-day life crimes.

How does Rice Purity work?

The rice purity test is a popular way for people to find out how pure they are. The Test consists of 100 questions, and each one has its meaning, and the rice purity score is based on their answers to the questions.

The score is based on the number of "Yes" answers to 'No' they give to the questions. A high score indicates a higher level of innocence, while a low score indicates a greater degree of experience with risky behaviors.

The Test covers a wide range of topics, including relationships, drugs, alcohol, and mental health. It is important to note that the rice purity test is not a scientific measure of virginity or purity; however, it can be a fun way to explore your values and beliefs.

In a world where girls are growing up faster than ever, the Rice Purity Test can help identify those still innocent and pure. The Test can provide valuable insights into the lives of parents, teachers, and counselors.

Actions to Take After Completing Rice Purity Test

Upon completing the Rice Purity Test, it is customary to celebrate somehow. It may be done alone, with friends or family, or as part of a larger group.

While there's no scientific evidence to support the validity of the test, it's still a fun way to pass the time. But what should you do after you've taken the test? Here are a few ideas:

Share your score with friends and family. The Rice Purity Test can be a fun way to start conversations about relationships, rule violations, and other day-to-day activities. Share your score with friends and family members if you're comfortable doing so. You may be surprised at how open they are to discussing the topic.

Think about ways to improve your score even if you're not particularly worried about your "purity" score. It is not only a test of your physical purity but also a test of your mental and emotional strength. Thus, it is essential to be kind to yourself as you celebrate your success. Take the time to relax and recharge so that you.